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—  The Cafe  — 


Join us for breakfast or lunch. We’ve been up early preparing imaginative dishes from the freshest regional produce you’ll find. We source real food ethically grown by real people with dirt under their fingernails and heart in their work. Then, we get to work coming up with meals that meet our three standards of excellence. Every time you dine with us, we want you to say these three things:

1.     That was good
2.     That was good for me
3.     I couldn’t have done that myself 

While you’re here, be sure to ask, “Where’s my plate from?” We love being able to tell you about the food you’re eating. We know the high tunnel where your arugula grows safe from winter frost. We know the dirt that chicken scratched. The fresh mozzarella? Yep, we know the cud the cow chewed that made the milk that…What? Too much?

Just believe us when we say, we know your food. We wouldn’t serve it if we couldn’t tell you what you were eating.