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—  Fresh, Regional Produce  —

At The Local Café and Grocer we’re not just about feeding you and sending you on your way. Sure, we love when you eat-in with us, but even we believe most of your eating should happen at home. That’s why we have several options for diverse food experiences from groceries to ready-made meals and a little of everything in between.

We want to make it easier for you to eat around your own table. But, we’re not just aiming for easy. It’s also important that you feel good about your “easy” food. That’s why we offer Family Meals to take home and heat up.

Maybe you have plenty of time, but you don’t want to wait until Saturday to get fresh, local produce. Get your staples here any day of the week. What you do with them once you’re home is completely up to you. That kombucha and chocolate combination is totally on you, not us.