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Lead Staff

Clay Elkins

Todd Wagner
Executive Chef


— About Us —

Clay Elkins started out in IT, if you can believe that. It only took one year of cubicle life designing wide-area networks before he couldn’t take it anymore. He left the office for a kitchen and headed for culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC.

Clay has cooked for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT, in the Grand Tetons, WY, and high-capacity special events in Charlotte, NC.  Now, after thirteen years with the Greenbrier Sporting Club—the last eight as director of food and beverage—Clay has decided to compile all his notes and design the place he’s imagined since the beginning. The Local Café and Grocer is that place.

Clay Elkins, Owner of The Local

Clay Elkins, Owner of The Local

(About those notes. Clay is a serious note taker. Just ask him some day what’s in his pocket. There will be notes, lots of notes.)

If there’s anything he learned along the way, it was that no one can do it alone. That’s where Chef Todd Wagner comes in. Chef Todd is a wickedly good chef. You don’t know that unless you’ve been lucky enough to have his food. He isn’t going to tell you, that’s for sure. Chef Todd is a graduate of The Greenbrier’s elite Culinary Apprenticeship Program.

(Did you know only 345 chefs have graduated the program since its inception in 1959? Less than half the people who begin finish it. It’s kinda a big deal.)

Chef Todd Wagner, of The Local

Chef Todd Wagner, of The Local

Long story short, when it comes to food, you’re not going to find a better team than Clay & Todd. The Local Café and Grocer is the culmination of their combined forty years in food and beverage. If you want food selected and prepared by people who’ve made culinary excellence their life’s passion, you’ve come to the right place.